The Rage

I stood in the center
While their laughing, taunting, and mocking
Words swirled around me,
Flooding my head and
Ripping through my heart.
They were so shallow,
Their uncaring words pouring forth
Like a burst dam
On someone who was different,
Not like them.
I got so upset that things just exploded
Inside my head and all around me.
Rage burned in my heart, and
Fires burned around me.
Betrayal laughed in my face.
Most of all I thought I was
Just a game to you, just a score.
I couldn't believe I listened
To all your sweet words,
Never realizing it was a lie.
When I saw your face,
I just wanted to die in despair and agony.
But to my surprise it was a
Cruel joke on you as well.
You truly did love me, but
Now we can never be together.
I am only glad that I was able
To look on your face one last time
And say I love you.

Note: This poem was inspired by The Rage: Carrie 2

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