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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. --Scott Adams

Welcome to my online portfolio.  To make it easier to navigate, I've divided my portfolio into five major sections.
   Some of this work is very personal, while other pieces are purely for fun.  All of this has been a wonderful learning experience.  



Paintings & Sculpture

Computer Art & Miscellaneous




Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated with Renaissance art.  There is something intriguing about trying to capture the essence of life in a drawing or a painting.  The clarity of place and vision that the masters had speaks to me.  No matter what my subject matter is, I find myself trying to replicate the style or essence of Renaissance art.  Usually a piece of myself is put into each piece I create.  The majority of my art now is based on learning.  I am learning to work with different styles, techniques, mediums, and subjects; I am also trying to grow in the field of animation.  I do not have a central theme that my work is based on.  I am just having fun exploring all of the different ways I can create art.  I try to refine the skills I already have and work on learning new skills and techniques.  Right now I want to learn and explore as much as I can, and I think the variety in my work demonstrates this.   I prefer work in the realist tradition, which is probably why I am so fascinated with the Renaissance.



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