My Angel

I love you,
And nothing will change that.
No matter the hardships or fights,
We will be together forever

When I met you,
You were alone;
Lost in the world,
Unsure of where to go.

I had given up
On ever finding love,
Someone to hold me and comfort me,
Guide me in new directions.

Our first date things clicked,
And then I knew
Someone special had
Walked into my life.

As months passed,
My love for you grew.
I wanted to spend my life with you,
and I found you felt the same.

The day you proposed,
My life took on new meaning.
You were so gentle and loving,
I had no problems accepting.

Married, we have learned
How to live and love.
Sometimes rocky, sometimes smooth,
Our relationship ever grows.

I will always be here for you,
And my love is ever enduring.
You are my one, my only
My Angel.

--Dedicated to Wayne

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