Expressions: Memorial Day

I recently went to California on vacation. On Memorial Day, we happened to be out driving and stumbled upon a National cemetery that we weren't even really aware of. We decided to check it out. The landscaping was so beautiful, and the whole place was massive. I am really glad we got to go to the National Cemetery on this day. My family used to go every year when we were living in Europe. We'd always take weekend trips to different memorials in France, Belgium, Luxembourg. We were always aware of how lucky we really were. It's very sobering...I think everyone should visit one. It really makes you think about all the people that have fought for and died for this country and what freedom really means. The cemetery we visited had a memorial for the Medal of Honor winners. That's one of the highest honors you can receive. And there was a long list of recipients... So many people are quick to trash the country, our troops and our president. They have no pride in our country. I say, go visit a few of these cemeteries (make Arlington and the Vietman Memorial at the top of your list) and then come back and see if your arguments make sense. Tears come to your eyes as you look over fields and fields of white crosses or a black wall with lists and lists of names. These are our heroes. I stand behind our troops, country, and president. More people need to get a clue as to what's going on. People need to check their facts before making wild and snap judgements. So many people have turned this holiday into a three-day weekend to party and an excuse to have a barbecue. They forget the true reason we are observing this day. Have pride in where you're from. Remember the people that have died for you and your rights. Honor their memories.

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