Expressions: Friendship

Friendship. Isn't it an interesting thing? Being a military brat, friendships were almost sacred. I'm still in touch with a friend from 1st grade and a friend from 6th grade (which is a novelty when you move around a lot.) Once I'm your friend, you're my friend for life. My core group of "best friends" (greatest friends from each place I've lived...I believe you can have more than one) are the most awesome people. I couldn't live without them. They accept you no matter what you've done, who you are, what you look like. They love you unconditionally and they always accept you. Friends are like family. They never judge or try to change you. This is what I truly believe a friend to be. Unfortunately, lately I've found that some people I thought were my friends down here (unassociated with my best me) are not what they seem. Would your friend constantly lecture you, put you down, ignore you or treat you like dirt? Would your friend act nice to your face while secretly plotting against you? Would they betray your confidence or make fun of your thoughts and feelings? Would your friend "dis" you to go somewhere else when you had plans or change personality when suddenly another friend or family comes to town? Didn't think so. I have so-called friends that do this. I have finally realized that these people are not my friends. They could be pals to hang out with, but as for true friends, they never come close. These people can be really nice, but as far as their treatment of me, it's seriously lacking. (With friends like these, who needs enemies?) I have a tendency to be too trusting of people and always give them the benefit of the doubt. This has gotten me in trouble before. You shouldn't have to watch your back or look over your shoulder with friends. (They should be watching your back!) It's sad that these people can walk all over me and eventually I still take them back. It goes back to that "friend for life" thing, but I just have to remember not to let them get too close. Why do I take this? Not sure, but probably because I always see the good in people. It depresses me when I find out people are not what they seem. I have a big heart and naturally assume that others do too. When things like this start to bring me down, I always think back to my best friends...the ones who I can call after not talking on the phone for a few months (too expensive...long story) and we instantly click. The ones who will fly from all corners of the world to be at my wedding. The ones who I can laugh with, cry with, ask stupid questions or get knowledge from. The ones who fly from another country to come visit. These are my true friends. The ones I will never part with. (If any of you read this, thanks for all of your love and support.)

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