The Figure Skater

The figure skater started out across the ice,
Its white coolnes softly calling her.
All of her hopes and dreams depended upon the ice.
With one slip, everything she had worked for
Could be lost, and in a flash her dream could end.
Her dream of one day going to the Olympics
Had resided within her ever since she was a small child.
Her hopes of achieving greatness bloomed inside her.
Her name boomed across the loudspeaker,
Echoing across the skating arena.
People perked up in their seats, waiting expectantly
For the young woman to dance across the ice.
The figure skater glided across the ice,
Cold, hard, fast under her skates.
She halted at center ice and waited
For the music. It started, its bars
Drifting over the audience. The figure skater
Danced, spun, jumped, and turned her way
Over the ice. Her smile displayed the wonder
And joy she experienced. Everything rode on
This performance. Suddenly, it was over.
As she stood listening to the applause, she
Happily reviewed her magnificent performance.
She thought of all that had been accomplished, and
A smile spread across her face, happily showing her
Love of figure skating.

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