You know you’ve been going through Disney withdrawals if....

* You either shape every 3 circles you see into Mickey ears or think of Mickey any time you see any 3 circles remotely close together.
* You continue to utilize the Disney point offstage.
* Conversations typically start with “One time in Disney...."
* You classify people by their Disney character height rather than the standard form of measurement. (ex: “Oh, he’s cute...about goofy height, brown hair...)
* You still refer to employees as “castmembers” & customers as “guests” confusing the normal people around you.
* It ticks you off when people on registers don’t count their money the "Disney” way.
* You look for hidden Mickey’s wherever you go and find all sorts of unintentional ones. (ex: the little hook above the zipper on dresses or in the produce aisle at the grocery)
* You regret not getting a Fastpass or priority seating every time you wait to be seated at a restaurant.
* You can spot a Mickey antenna topper on any car a mile away.
* You actively look for Mickey antenna toppers and classify each one. (DAK, sunglasses, etc.) When you spot one, you feel like waving at the driver as if they’ll know you.
* You use the following terms in normal conversations: ADO, ER, MK, DAK, Vista, PI, forgetting that no one has a clue what you re talking about.
* You expect to hear fireworks outside your window at 9 & 11.
* You start friendly conversations with complete strangers & continue talking as they call security on their cell phone to take you away.
* Your watch is still set to eastern time and you live in another time zone.
*You avoid skipping class more than 3 days in a row at a time and nine times in 90 days for fear of being kicked out of class.
*You pick up pieces of garbage everywhere without even realizing it.
*Anything heartwarming or remotely cool that happens is now a “magical moment”.

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