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Dave: We're finally part of the elite group.
Stoney: We're cool. Dude, I even showered.

--Encino Man

I love clubs, and here's a list of the ones I belong to. It started with the Bronze (on the Official Buffy site), but it has grown much larger! (This may take a little bit to load, so please be patient!)

*Part 2: My Fanlistings*

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My Buffy Clubs


Sarah-SOTA (Society of Total Admiration)#52
Angel Avenger
WRX #8 (Willow Rocks)
ICBM #40 (Isolated Casualties of Buffy Mania)
BRLQ #57 (Buffy Real Life Quoters)
CFKASSU! #18 (Club Formerly Known As Silver Slayers United...an 80s child club)
M.M.M.I.A.M. #9 (Marcia Marcia Marcia...It's Always Marcia!...for medium height people)
"We Can't go to the PBP…" #26
Rm. 342 Willow/ Aly floor BAH  (Buffy Addicts Hospital)
UBC #110
JP Gang #42
Order of Hannigan #8
Down With the Homewreckers #23
Jane's Junkies
Oz Rules Eternal Organization (OREO)
Soul for Spike Society (SSS)
Bronzer's Links
Bretheren of Boreanaz
S*C*R*E*W the B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S #164
CDGA (CordeliaDoyle Guardian Angels) #126
DOD (Department of Denial) #62
FFPAC (Fans For the Preservation of Angel's Character)
Bronze Posters

FTU #59 (Fellow Tweakos United)



PBA #91 (Posting Board Addicts)



SLC #35


WPWP (We Possess Willow Power) #123


XDC #185




UFB #46






NBA #63


XGG #110


CCC #62


FDC (Faith Dance Club) #185


SDA, Relations Division
Mother of Lil' Buddy (my Dingo)


SPCVA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Vampire Animals)


David's Angels


Official Elizabeth Anne Allen Fanclub #34


Watcher's Club


Revered Artist of the Blessed Irish One (Doyle Cult of Resurrection)


Buffy/Angel Warriors








Watcher’s Circle


Doyle/Cordy Brigade


BTVSA (Buffy The Vampire Slayer Addicts)






















Keeper of Willow's concern over Buffy’s welfare (Earshot), her nickname giving skills (Earshot), and her dubious look as Xander finishes his riff (The Wish). CordeliaDoyle Keeper of the video tape of Doyle’s commercial.


*Page 2: My Fanlistings*

Clubs...part 1


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