The Castle of Dreams

There once was a fairy-tale princess.
She dreamt a great castle in the sky, and
All of her hopes and dreams resided in the castle.
Things became more difficult as life went on
But the princess struggled daily
Valiantly never giving up her hopes,
Daring to hold on to the special dream.
Just when things were getting dark,
A ray of hope glinted in the castle window,
And the princess became hopeful again.
All of the happiness and joy didn't last long.
Soon a stormcloud came crashing through,
And a mighty hurricane ripped the castle to shreds.
Devestated the princess could only weep.
To the delicate princess, always a happy person,
Depression was a foreign concept,
An ugly black mark hanging above her head.
She had struggled for so long
Tried her best to become a wonderful person.
She excelled in everything she did,
Always doing her best, never giving up,
And never failing to be there for others.
Heartbroken at all of her hopes and dreams
Being shattered to bits and shards,
The princess turned inward to herself,
Hiding from the world, Never interacting,
Slowly losing any concept of herself,
Half-remembering the dreams that once made her happy.
What had caused this whirlwind of hate and malice to come through?
Why had she let the negativity wreck her dreams?
What had she done to deserve this?
She had worked so long and fought so hard
She couldn't believe all her work had come to naught.
The princess realized she couldn't let the evil destroy her.
The dreams meant more to her, were who she was.
With a deep sigh, the princess knelt down,
Slowly gathering the fractured pieces of her heart and soul.
Her dreams would come alive again.
With a heavy heart but daring to hope,
The princess slowly began to rebuild her castle of dreams.

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