Angel of Music

My first time logging into a chat room,
I realized I needed a name,
But using my boring old nicknames
Just wouldn't be the same.

The night before I experienced
Phantom of the Opera at the Playhouse.
So amazing was the story,
That I stayed as quiet as a mouse.

Thinking on a name to enter,
I found suddenly a light I could see.
Why not use Angel of Music?
Wouldn't that work for me?

I was always viewed as angelic,
The quintessential quiet little "good girl."
Always doing what was right,
Of bad things I wouldn't even take a whirl.

The piano was my choice instrument,
To play for the love alone was my goal.
I loved to sit and play for hours,
The music flooding my soul.

So deeply touched by the play, I was,
That the name fit perfectly in my mind.
Something different than the ones I'd seen,
I wanted to be unique, always one of a kind.

I used the name for everything,
From chat names to web sites, even e-mail.
From that day forth I was Angel of Music,
And that's the end of my tale!

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