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Don't Forget To Check!

by an_angel_of_music


The UND Webpage 

pk has been working hard on this!  All of your guild info, contests, rules, etc is here.  Make this one of your bookmarks!


UND Members Page

Be sure to send in your pictures if you haven't already!


UND Art Gallery--Members Section

If you have a picture of your pet, please let angel know.  This area is a bit empty!






by: Mystiquegoddess


Where have all the kikos gone!


If you keep up with the Neopian news then you have discovered that all the kikos have become a limited edition pet!  For all of those who currently own a kiko now you may take them to Neopia Central and show them with pride knowing you've got yourself a limited edition pet:)




Council & Shop News

by: pkbrock


Mangelwurzelmantis has stepped down from council due to actually having a busy RL! LOL

Wuggied has taken her place! WELCOME Wuggied!!!!

Pk has closed the Guildshop down but will still be doing contests and games from her own account!

Mangelwurzelmantiz has closed the Job Agency. She says there was not that many members taking part in it anyway.  And she does not have time for it anymore.

Member of the Month has been changed to Member of the Week!

Congratulations to WONTON and WUGGIED for being the first winners, and congrats to BLONDIE for being our latest winner! 



Note from Angel:

We are currently doing polls to get member input about the shops.  Please stay tuned to see some exciting new changes!  If you have any shop suggestions, please contact wonton2002 or pkbrock.


Featured Link

by an_angel_of_music


Your one stop shop for backgrounds!  Very thorough, and great variety!  Be sure to check this out!


Featured Piece

by luna7801


10 Things to Do When Neopets is Down


10. See how many words you can find in "transmogrification potion."

9. Strengthen your hand/eye coordination and index finger muscles for the next shop restock or visit to the Igloo Garage Sale.

8. Go feed your real pet.

7. Prepare a power point presentation showing your strategic plan for your next fight in the battledome.

6. Grab a deck of cards and play Pyramids.

5. Read to a child: Try "The Three Little Snorkles"

4. Make yourself a sausage and pepperoni omelette.

3. Read a newspaper that's not the Neopian Times.

2. Send a memo to your boss stating that due to extreme personal reasons, you can no longer work on third of every month.

1. Cry




The Top 10 Things I've Learned From Neopets


I am by no means a Neopets veteran.  However, I am hardly a newbie.  Ever since joining, I have logged countless hours on this site at the expense of my family, health, and social life. But hey, who needs friends when you have baby bruce plushies, nova furniture and a petpet who adores you? So, these are the top 10 things i've learned from Neopets:


1.   I should've adopted. Why, oh why, did I go to "Create a new pet" instead of getting one from the pound?   I'll tell you why, because I had no idea that I could have had a cloud kau, a rainbow quiggle or an equally gorgeous pet.  A pet with higher stats, no less. Instead, I chose to have a non-painted pet and scrounge NP's for paintbrushes. I could've had it for cheap.


2.   Guilds are great. I've only been a part of one guild. Well, one and a half (long story, not worth explaining). Neopets would be no fun if I wasn't  a part of a guild. My guild is small, but very active. If you want to get the most out of your experience (especially since you'll eventually abandon your real friends), find a guild you enjoy!


3.   People of many ages use this site! Do not be shocked when you get an neomail from a 9 year old telling you that you shouldn't put "You break it, you buy it" in your shop description because the items are not real and you can't hold them (Thank you for that brilliant insight, by the way). And do not be shocked when a 60 yr. old man won't sell you any of his paintbrushes for any price because he's helping his wife fill her gallery (good luck to you two)!


4.   Your price does not have to be the lowest on the shop wizard! Starting out, I spent an enormous amount of time finding good deals, pricing items and putting them in my shop for the lowest price on the wizard. This is a good thing to do if you want to sell out your shop........ in 30 seconds. People will still buy it if you raise the price some. After learning this, you will no longer have to stock your shop 4 times a day.


5.   The money tree is a waste of my time. Now, don't start neomailing me telling me about the great deal you got from the money tree that one time you got lucky and spent an hour sweating and clicking in utter abandonment and got a happiness negg that someone accidentaly donated while doing a quick stock. I donate junk items often though, so those of you who have recieved my sandals and keyrings, you are most welcome.


6.   Don't spend all your NPs on codestones to train your pet. Unless all you want to do is fight in the battledome or in a war, you don't have to put your pet in training constantly. With Coltzan's Shrine and faerie quests, you will steadily gain hit points and strength. If you are that hungry for power anyway, apply to work at Neopets and put millions of users at your mercy.


7.   REFRESH! Enough said.


8.   I did a little bit of traveling and thought I would be leaving Neopets, because I was so busy with other things. I gave away everything in my shop, gallery, SDB, and my NP's. A few weeks later, while bored at home, I logged back on and started all over. You are never leaving!! You're caught in the sticky web weaved by Adam and Donna!  Deal with it.


9. I don't know about you guys, but the Neopet shops are a scary place.  Most of us who don't have the special super, DSL, satellite, broadband, cable, modem thingie can hardly get a thing out of the shops (and don't get me started on half price day). So, when you're pc is is moving fast and you get something in the shops, don't haggle it way down. Pay a price close to what they offer and take your item and move on. Otherwise, you'll never get anything.


10. I should have thought about a cool user name. Why didn't I think of a clever witty user name? With a relativity plain name like Luna, I not only feel boring but I feel like a walking contradiction since Luna means moon and I have a huge sun tattoo. I suppose Luna7801 is better than QTpie123 or sk8erboi007. But, I would've liked to be 00danger00 or eatmorerice81.


Now, these are just my opinions on what I've learned on Neopets so far. You don't have to listen or take my advice. I understand that being successful is not important to everyone. Good luck!





Member Spotlight

by: tonic25


I haven't heard from tonic, so as of yet this space is empty...





Special events for July-August


July 17th: Groundlava's Birthday

August 12th:  an_angel_of_music's Anniversary



Happy Birthday to everyone!



If you have a special even that's not listed here, please let me know!





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