Get Off the Phone

Get off the phone, get off the phone.
Why, oh, why
Won't you get off the phone?

I feel like I've been sitting
Right here for a year.
I wave over the bartender:
"Gimme another beer."

I've been staring at this wall
For so very long.
I'm bored outta my mind;
Where'd I go wrong?

Just gimme the phone,
Is that too much to ask?
I didn't think it was
That big of a task.

You've been talking on the phone
All doggone night long.
What's that on the radio?
They're playing the 50th song?

As I walk in circles,
The phone I must pass.
Please don't make me go
Medieval on your ass.

I've been here for a while;
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Now you've really done it!
I'm getting seriously ticked.

What's your deal?
You got some head trauma?
All I wanna do is
Just call my mama.

You're hanging up the phone?
Well, it's about time.
My face looks as if I
Just sucked on a lime.

As I pick up the receiver,
My mind draws a blank.
I might have to blow up
This phone with a tank.

Oh, wait. Now I know!
I finally "rememba"!
Now I can get on
With the rest of my agenda.

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