The Craziest Questions Ever Heard at Walt Disney World

Here is a list of actual questions that my friends or myself have been asked at Walt Disney World. (Seriously, I'm not joking.) Some people are truly oblivious...

1) Where's the castle?
(Now, if you've ever been to Walt Disney World, if you walk anywhere down Main St. USA, it's pretty hard to miss the castle! I was in a shop directly in front of the castle mid-way down Main St. when someone asked me this. It happens to be a question asked quite frequently...)

2) What time is the 3:00 parade?
(Hello! You just answered that!)

3) What's a "land"?
(Check the guide map! Each section is some type of "land", ie, FrontierLAND, FantasyLAND, etc. Do you even know where you are?)

4) [When asked if she wanted something in a box or if she wanted to box flat.] What's the difference?
(Gee, a flattened box versus a fully-constructed one...I just don't know...)

5) Where's the train station?
(Yes, this seems normal, except for the fact you have to go through it just to enter the park...)

6) [When asked, "Hi, how are you?"] No, I'm just looking.
(Did I ask you that? No...)

7) Do you work here?
(No, I just dress up in a turn-of-the-20th century costume every day just for fun!)

8) Is this Disneyland or Disney World?
(How do you not know where you're on vacation?)

9) [In the jewelry and watch shop while they are standing directly in front of that particular counter...] Do you sell watches/jewelry here?
(Yes, just look down! You're right in front of it!)

10) Do you sell pieces of the castle?
(Uh, first of all, it's steel, not brick. And second, if we sold the pieces there wouldn't be a castle to look at!)

11) [In reference to framed watches with the artwork on the walls] So, you put them on the wall and then frame them, right?
(Yeah, right...sure.)

12) Watch artist? So I'm supposed to watch you?
(No comment.)

13) How can I wear the watch if it's already in the frame?
(Hmm, ya don't! You don't frame the watch if you're gonna wear it...)

14) You mean there's a line to pay?
(That's usually the way it works when you want to buy merchandise.)

15) [Asked in the middle of the fireworks display] What time are the fireworks?
(How can you miss the loud "booms" overhead?)

16) Is the EPCOT ball in the Magic Kingdom?
(No it's in EPCOT, duh!)

17) Why can't I find the Contemporary Resort on the Magic Kingdom park map?
(Maybe 'cause it's not part of the Magic Kingdom?)

18) Do you run the electrical light parade when it's raining?
(Last time I checked water and electricity don't mix.)

19) Is Piglet an armadillo?
(No his a pig...wherever did they come up with his name?)

20) [During the light parade] When do the lights turn on?
(Uh, they're already on...)


(My hubby was actually asked these!  He works in a photo lab.  I'm not even gonna comment here.)

1) How long is the One Hour Photo?

2) How long is an hour?

3) How long is sixty minutes?

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