A Special Night

          Tonight was going to be a special night; I could feel it deep down inside. The nine-month anniversary of our dating had fallen a few days before, but with our schedules, today was the first day we that we had time to celebrate. Some people thought we were a little crazy for celebrating our monthly "anniversaries", but to us, this was a way to take time out to make each other feel special. Wow, how time had flown, and we had already been through so much together. Shaking myself out of my reverie, I finished combing out my long blond hair and looked up in the mirror. I had dressed up special for the evening, with my black velvet skirt and black top. A bit dressy for the beach, but I wanted to look special for my boyfriend. I fluffed up my hair one last time, and gave my lips a last swipe of lipstick. Grinning, I shut off the light and walked out to the living room. Wayne was waiting patiently on the couch. He stood up and smiled when he saw me. Arm-in-arm, he accompanied me out to the car. 

        We stopped off for a quick bite to eat and headed out for the beach. We usually came out to the beach at night. Both of us were romantics, and being there late on a deserted beach made things much more special. The beach had special meaning for us: first date, first kiss, first real conversation. It was one of our favorite paces to spend time together. 

        Wayne flicked on the radio, and Tim McGraw wailed out a tune. Wayne immediately started singing along: "It's your love...just does something to me, sends a shock right through me, can't get enough...." I grinned at his romantic antics. We both loved that particular song. He flashed one of his killer smiles at me. Driving along, we talked about the days events and trivialities. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed being with Wayne. Soon we got out to the beach, and Wayne gently drove up and parked the car. I slowly stepped out and took it all in. Ah, tonight was one of those perfect nights: full moon bathing everything in its pale light, a light evening breeze gently rustling my hair, the water gently lapping on the sand. I took a deep breath, drinking in the salty-air smell. 

        "Ready?" Wayne looked expectantly at me. Something was definitely up, as he seemed a bit jittery, although he was obviously trying to conceal this fact. He shifted his backpack and reached for my hand. I looked at him quizzically: we usually brought a sleeping bag to sit on, but what was up with the bag? I smiled, knowing I would just have to wait. Wayne just loved surprising me, and he knew how to suspend the moment to the fullest. I slipped off my shoes, and we strolled across the cool sand, its grainy touch caressing my feet. We walked slowly along the waters edge, then shifted our course inward. We paused in front of a dune, its sea grass growing all around us, forming a little cubby-hole on the beach. We had a perfect view of the ocean, but we were hidden from the occasional passer-by. 

        "Close your eyes," Wayne said, gently dropping my hand. 

        "All right," I giggled. I listed to the waves crashing in the distance, the sound relaxing and soothing me. I heard Wayne rustling around, but I couldn't tell what he was doing. "Done yet?" I asked. 

        "Not yet…Just a moment. And keep your eyes closed!" Wayne sounded a little nervous, which made butterflies dance in my stomach. Ooh, this was going to be good. He walked over and lifted my hands into his. "Keep them closed," he admonished, and he gently led me over to the sleeping bag. I carefully sat down, not being able to see where I was going. Listening, I heard any things: the waves gently lapping on the beach, the rustle of the sea grass behind us, and the clinking of glasses. Hmmm, he was up to something. A cool breeze began to blow, sending shivers down my spine. Finally, when I thought I couldn’t stand it, Wayne spoke.

        "Open your eyes." My eyes fluttered open and took in the scene before me. Spread out on the blanket before me were two crystal goblets and a bottle of sparkling cider. A candle stood in the middle, casting a warming romantic glow over the two of us. Wayne was sitting across from me, nervously smiling a sweet smile. I glanced down, realizing he was holding a little velvet black box. I gasped and looked up at him, daring to hope. When he spoke, his voice was so full of emotion that it brought tears to my eyes.

        "I love you. I would be honored if you would be my wife." I looked deep into his eyes, knowing that this was the man for me, someone I would spend the rest of my life with. Smiling softly and with tears springing into my eyes, I answered, "Yes, I will." He leaned over and kissed me, his warm, soft lips creating that swirly feeling inside me. This moment will last forever, its imprint forever etched in my mind. Lost in the kiss, I thought of nothing but him, knowing this was a special night to change our lives forever.

--Dedicated to Wayne

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