You know you are a product of the 80’s if...

1. You know what “Sike” means.
2. You know the profound meaning of “Wax on Wax Off.”
3. You know that another name for a keyboard is a “Synthesizer.”
4. You can name at least half of the members of the BRAT pack.
5. You know who Tina Yothers is.
6. You wanted to be a Goonie.
7. You felt ashamed when Rob Lowe got into trouble for sex with a minor and videotaping it, because you liked him.
8. You know who Max Headroom is.
9. You ever wore Fluorescent, neon clothing.
10. You could breakdance or wish you could.
11. You wanted to dress like the Hulk at Halloween.
12. You believed that “By the power of Greyskull,” you had the power.
13. Partying “like it was 1999” seemed sooo far away.
14. You thought that Transformers were more than meets the eye.
15. You wanted to be on Star Search.
16. You remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off.
17. You have worn a Banana Clip, or knew someone who did.
18. You owned a doll with “Xavier Roberts” signed on its butt, or knew someone who did.
19. You knew what Willis was “talkin’ ‘bout”.
20. You HAD to have your MTV.
21. You hold a special place in your heart for “Back to the Future.”
22. You know where to go if you “wanna go where everybody knows your name.”
23. You thought Molly Ringwald was REALLY cool.
24. You actually thought “Dirty Dancing” was a REALLY good movie.
25. You have heard of the “Garbage Pail Kids.”
26. Punks actually “shocked” people.
27. You knew “The Artist”, when he was humbly called “Prince”.
28. You actually saw Ted Danson as the MacDaddy he played “Sam” to be.
29. You remember when ATARI was a state of the art video game.
30. You own any cassettes or records. [8 tracks anyone?]
31. You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we’d all be living on the moon.
32. You remember and /or owned any of the CareBear glass collections from Pizza Hut or any other collection of glass they came out with.
33. Poltergeist freaked you out.
34. You carried your lunch to school in a Gremlins or an ET lunchbox.
35. You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female Smurf.
36. You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish, or know someone who did.
37. You ever had a Swatch Watch, or three.
38. You had a crush on one of the Corey’s (Haim or Feldman).
39. You had a crush on Bo Derek or Heather Locklear.
40. You remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.
41. You had a WonderWoman or Superman underoos.
42. You know what a “Whammee” is.
43. You had a crush on Jon BonJovi, or know someone who did.
44. You thought eating Reeses Pieces would attract your own Alien.
45. Your name is Jennifer or Jason.
46. You have ever called 867-5309.
47. You had a poster of Rob Lowe, Kirk Cameron, or Michael J. Fox on your wall.
48. You held the top score on PacMan.
49. You had MALL Hair.
50. You owned a T-Shirt that said, “I shot J.R.” or know someone who did.
51. If you ever said “I pity the fool”.
52. Your dream car was either: the A-team van, Kitt or The General Lee.
53. You knew who Max’s boss Jonathan Hart was.
54. You were sad when the “Where’s the Beef” lady died.
55. One word “Menudo”.
56. Two words “Sweater Dresses”.
57. You remember when cellular phones weighed 15 lbs. and had to be carried over our shoulder.
58. You loved the New Kids on the Block.

You're lost between the Baby Boomers and Generation X if...

1. You remember when Jordache jeans with a flat-handle comb in the back pocket was cool. Remember the commercials?
2. Any photograph of you shows you wearing an Izod shirt with the collar turned up.
3. You know any “Weird Al” Yankovic song by heart. (Let us reflect on the beauty of the music video EAT IT. No, remember “I think I’m a Clone now?”)
4. You’ve ever rung someone’s doorbell and said “Landshark!”
5. You were once bowled over by the technological excellence of such products as Atari, IntelliVision, TelStar and Coleco.
6. You remember the premier of MTV-or worse yet, you remember its predecessor, “Friday Night Videos.”
7. You and your friends ever discussed having a reunion at the end of the century and playing Prince’s “1999” until you passed out partying.
8. A predominant color in your childhood photos is plaid.
9. You remember when music that was labeled “alternative” really was alternative, and when “alternative comedy” was really funny. When nobody knew who REM was or that they had had like 12 previous tapes before Shining Happy People.
10. You took family trips BEFORE the invention of the minivan.
11. (Related to No. 10) You rode in the back of the station wagon facing the cars behind you. It used to be called the “Way Back.”
12. You’ve recently horrified yourself by using any one of the following phrases: “You know, back when...,” “When I was your age...,” or “When I was younger...” (ie, My friend's eight year old cousin asked her who the New Kids On the Block were. She tried to explain that they were the first Backstreet Boys. She rolled her eyes because Heaven Forbid there are any other Boy Bands besides BSBs.)
13. Schoolhouse Rock played a HUGE part in how you learned things like grammar, math and history. (A big hint here is if the only way you can recite the Preamble to the Constitution is by singing it.) Conjunction junction, what’s your function?
14. You ever dressed to look like someone in a Madonna, Cyndi Lauper or Duran Duran video.
15. You remember your first kiss with someone having happened while either “Leather and Lace” or “Crazy for You” was playing or outside your private school sharing a Lollipop.
16. You remember with pain the day the Green Machine hit the streets (or the sidewalks), instantly making your Big Wheel obsolete.
17. The age-old question “Where’s the beef?” still makes you laugh.
18. You remember when film critics raved that no movie could ever possibly have more advanced special effects than “TRON.”
19. You had a crush on Ted the photographer on “Love Boat,” Gage from “Emergency”, Ponch from “CHIPS,” or Luke Duke from "Dukes of Hazzard."
20. Your hair at some point in time in the ‘80s could only be described by saying “I was experimenting.”
21. You’ve ever shopped at Benetton.
22. You’re starting to believe that having the kids in school year-round wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.
23. You’re currently employed doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with your college major.
24. U2 is too popular and mainstream for you now.
25. You remember trying to guess which episode of “The Brady Bunch” it was by the first scene.
26. Your parents wanted you to attend medical school, but you decided it was pointless since Quincy got all the babes anyway.
27. You know who shot J.R.
28. You recall when Love’s Baby Soft was in every girl’s Christmas stocking.
29. This rings a bell: “My name is Charlie, and they work for me.”
30. You were unsure if Diet Coke would ever catch on. (Related item: you were sure that “New Coke” would NEVER catch on.)
31. You know all the words to the double-album set of the “Grease” soundtrack.
32. You’ve ever had a Dorothy Hamill haircut.
33. You sat with your friends on any given Friday night circa 1982 and dialed 867-5309 to see if Jenny was actually there.
34. “All skate, change directions” means something to you.
35. You’ve ever owned a pair of rainbow suspenders like the ones Mork used to wear.
36. You bought a pair of Vanns and wanted to order a pizza in history class so you could be just like Jeff Spicoli. (Related item: if you’ve ever smacked yourself in the head with a shoe and exclaimed, “I’m so wasted!”)
37. You owned a Preppy Handbook. (Is that a Slam Book?)
38. You were too young to see “Blue Lagoon,” so you just had to settle for the second-hand reports. The same for “The Exorcist.”
39. You remember when movies were only PG and R.
40. You learned to swim at about the same time “Jaws” came out....and still carry the emotional scars to prove it.
41. You remember when your cable TV box had a sliding selector switch...and your “cable remote” was connected to the TV by CORD!
42. Your jaw would ache by the time you finished one of those brick-sized packages of Bazooka.
43. You remember Bo and Luke Duke, Daisy, Boss Hogg, or what Sheriff Roscoe’s full name was.
44. Your parents paid $2,000 for a top-loading VCR that was almost the size of a coffee table.
45. You found nothing strange about Bert and Ernie living together.
46. You remember having a rotary phone.
47. You actually believed that Mikey, famed kid on the Life cereal commercials, died after eating Pop Rocks and drinking a Coke.
48. “Members Only” jackets...say no more.
49. You thought David Hasselhoff was hot in "Knight Rider."
50. And lastly, I’ll make a song stick in your head for the rest of the day: you actually remember the words to the theme song of “The Greatest American Hero.”

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